We are taking a short break from manufacturing platforms. Please check back in November.

Train-Up Platforms

Train-Up Platforms help teach your dog exact positioning both close to you in heel positions and at distance. These are essential tools for obedience training, heelwork to music and competitive sports, building confidence and accuracy.

Platforms provide a target accelerating your dog's learning and increasing success.

Lightweight, flexible & fun!

Train-Up Platforms are lightweight and easily transported to training venues.

Platforms are edged with bright colours to make them easily visible on a variety of surfaces. A selection of colours are available.

Platforms have carpet on both top and bottom to avoid slipping and provide texture under the dog's paws.

Platforms may be stacked for increased height, or laid side by side for greater area ensuring they may be used for a wide range of behaviours.

What People Say

“Just to let you know that the platforms arrived safely this morning and the boys and I are thrilled with them thank you. Like them so much that I would like to order a large circular one please!” Alison H

“My platforms just arrived this minute....one word to describe them...WOW!!!! They are absolutely brilliant - beautifully made, beautiful to look at and functional – no sliding around. I’m off to try them out now. Thank you so much – I’ll definitely be in touch for more....once my class people see them they’ll all want some.” Billie M

Postage and packing charged extra at cost

What size do I require?

Available in a range of sizes, including a wider nursery platform for dogs new to platform training. To find the most appropriate size for your dog, measure the distance between the outside their back paws when seated and add approximately 15cm. Measure the distance from the front of the dogs front paws and the back of the rear paws and add approximately 10-20cm. Select the nearest larger platform from the table above. Custom sizes available on request.

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